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Z-wave IP (ITU-T G.9959) Radio

Silicon Vision, SVI-TRX 501 is a fully integrated low power wireless radio transceiver IP targeting compatible with ITU-T G.9959 standard. SVI-TRX501 performance is tailored for low power operation to be used in Z-wave wireless communication networks.
Transmitter output power is up to +18dBm, while receiver sensitivity is -106dBm at 40kbps.


  • Compatible with ITU-T G.9959
  • Modulation: FSK, GFSK
  • Frequency: Sub-1GHz ISM Band
  • Sensitivity = - 106 dBm @ 40 kbps
  • Date Rates: 9.6 kbps, 40 kbps and 100 kbps
  • Integrated power amplifier: up to +18 dBm