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Zigbee Radio IP

Silicon Vision, SVI-TRX301 is a fully integrated low power radio transceiver IP targeting IEEE 802.15.4 standard. SVI-TRX301 performance is tailored for low power operation to be used in ZigBee systems and battery-powered modules.
Transmitter output power ranges from -25 to +3dBm, while receiver sensitivity is -95dBm at 250kbps. The frequency range allows operation in 2.4GHz Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) band.

IP Name Process Status Standard
SVI-TRX301T TSMC-180nm Silicon Verified IEEE.802.15.4
SVI-TRX301S SMIC-180nm Silicon Verified IEEE.802.15.4
SVI-TRX303G HHGrace-110nm Silicon Verified IEEE.802.15.4